Sunday, October 10, 2010

Preview for the whole of this semester

Today, I would like to share with all of you about the whole of this semester. Day by day, many things happen in a day. Now, study week arrive and final examination will come soon.
Now, it is time to review what have been thought from all my lectures.

First, I will tell about my subject. You know what, the best experience for this semester is my friends and I have sold hot dog for my assignment co curriculum; entrepreneurship. We start sold from 8pm until our hot dog is sold out. Everything that we done have their own obstacle and problem, for example, when we do not have place to keep our hot dog freeze. We must think another idea to save our hot dog. From discussion that we have done with ‘makcik benteng’, we have decided to keep our hot dog there. But tomorrow when we go to take our hot dog, we have been informed that one of the makcik have used our hot dog to their dish. It makes us postpone continuing our business. After one by one obstacle we successfully faced, last night is the last day we sold our hot dog. Thank God, our hot dog is sold out. We finish it at 1.00 am. We sold our hot dog room by room at 3 colleges, Zamrud, Intan and Si Manja Kini. We did not sell at Sempana Alam Buana College because our stock is already finish. Although I felt so tired, I am very satisfied because our hot dog sold out. Thanks for them who have bought our hot dog.

Next is, I will tell about my subject IMD 202 (promotion product and services). In this subject we must do a final project that are been held at SMK Munshi Ibrahim. There, we have a task to introduce UiTM Segamat and Information management course to them. In this project, we have three department that are responsible to in charge this project to make sure that this project are success. We have exhibition, promotion and ‘seminar’ department. Each department have their own task and different with other department. Thank God, this project is success according to our plan. This subject is not bored but very enjoy because it teach me how to communicate with secondary students and be responsible to my department and my class. From our LDK activities, we have heard and saw many creative products that have been designed from them to promote library. One of the examples that are designed from their brainstorming with their members of group is ‘Bombastic chair that can help us to search book after we type the title that we want to search in library. We also can hear song by insert coin to the machine. Our programmed ended at 5 pm.

In CTU subject, I have learned how to manage information according to Islam ways. Ustaz also shows us video about “Umat akhir zaman”. This video makes us realize about the real history.

For subject BEL, I have learned how to create a blog that can be used to story anything and share with others. At the same time, I also have learn how to be punctual to come to the class and not talking too much when the lecturer in the class.

Next is IMD 203 which is PC maintenance. This subject is quite difficult because it involve technical that I actually did not expert one in this part. By the way, this subject also fun because I have learned about the components in the motherboard and what are the types of operating system that are used in computer.

Other than that is subject IMD 201 (Access to information). At the end of this syllabus, I have learned how to access information. But I think this subject have many assignment that make me feel very tired every day.

Last but not least is subject IMD 255 (technical support and services). In this subject, I know the library works and the process of gathering books for library needs.

In my opinion, this semester is very busy because we got many assignments to do. This semester gave very meaningful experience and sweet memories to me.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

10 things that i hate most

1) I do not like beetles. I will scream if the beetles alight on my clothes. Normally my brother likes to tease me with the beetles. When I know he wants to do so, I would run away from him.

2) I do not like wasting time. I do not like to fill my time without making anything. For me, time is precious. If I get bored, I will do everything, but I would feel very guilty for not filling the time with things that are worthwhile and let it go away.

3) I do not like bright color. This is because striking color just only can attract people to see us. I do not like to be the people's attention because people will always deal with us either good or bad.

4) Food. I do not like wasting food. If I buy some food, I will try to finish it. This is because, for me, food is money. We buy food with our money. If we did not finish the food it just like we are throwing our money away.

5) I do not like the noise situation. The noise situation is only made me into fiber and tension. So, sometimes I would look for a quiet evening star can get some rest for my brain.

6) I also do not like people who like to run amok without any reason. If he has a problem, he should not let his anger to others.

7) I do not like flying cockroaches. It makes me scare and have very foul smell. I have been scolded from my mom because screamed when the cockroach are flying towards me.

8) Take my things without permission. I would be angry if anyone takes my stuff without my permission. I will try to keep my things properly. However, if there are others who harass or take, use and not keeping well, I would be angry and will not talk to them until my mood is okay.

9) I do not like to wait. When someone had promised with me, he or she must come at the right time because time is very important to me. Every moment is precious.

10) I do not like being forced. When I have been forced, all my work can not be settle completely.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

10 facts about me

Hello everyone! How are you today? Long time I am not writing on this space. Today I will tell you about 10 facts about me. It is very difficult to share because I actually do not know what the 10 facts about me that are not everyone knows about me. Here I will describe a little bit facts about me:

1. First of all, I think most of you think that I am not a shy person but the true is yes I am. I am shy with people that I did not know, even that person is member of my friends. I also shy with my classmates although we have been together until this semester. I do not know why but that is me.

2. Next is I am love to see beautiful things and big house.. This is because living in a big house is my dreams. This dream makes me want to study and success in my study.

3. Other than that is I am very sensitive person. I cannot watch television programmed that have sad part. I will cry, even that part is not too sad. I cannot see people cry because I will cry without my control.

4. In addition, I am a person that easy feels bored with something or someone. That is why sometimes I will alone, far with others. It makes me thinking of something and I feel free from anything.

5. Cry. For me, crying is the best ways to release tension. If I feel stress and tension with something that is really distribute my emotion, I will cry. After that, I will feel zero. No more tensions and no more stress. Sometimes I also type what happen in my laptop for my diary.

6. I try to change myself to the better one. Knowing a lot of people adding my knowledge. Very meaningful knowledge. Sometimes when we have problems, in sad, we know who is the person that will accompany and besides us. Experience teaches me a lot of things and I am still learning to be a useful and grateful person.

7. Hot tempered. Did you know that actually I am a hot tempered person? I think you not know. At home, I always mad my younger sister even though it just a small matter. I do not know why. Sometimes, I will make her cry, and when she cries, I will so sad and I will cry too but in my rooms. Deep in my heart, I mad her because I want her to success and not just depends to other people. I love her so much.

8. I not know how to choose a perfume, and I do not think that wearing perfumes is a necessary. I think it just waste money. I just wear Lovillea Gelly Cologne and it is enough I think. The price also cheaper than other perfumes because it below than RM10. I just wear it when I want, if not, I just leave it. That is why it did not easily finish. I can keep it for a long time and did not have to buy another.

9. I like business very much. I like this field since me in primary school. I have a dream to have my own business. In holidays, I have work at “Kilang Keropok Sri Mersing” at my hometown. Here, I have met many people that involved in business and become success. I also learn about business and how to handle customer. When I work, I got money. This is the best part because I can give this money to my parents and buy some groceries.

10. I love sports very much. Sports make me feel fresh and healthy. I start join sports since in primary school because all my brothers are active in sports. In secondary school everyone recognize me because I got number one in cross country. After that I start represent the school and district championships in cross country. I also have become captain in my netball teams when I in form five. I love sports because I can go any place in Johor and got new friends from difference place. Here at UiTM I also join netball training every evening but because of a lot of assignment and work that I must do, I leave it for a while. I hope I can join Karisma this semester but it depends on my commitment to attend the training every day.

My classmates

Have you ever wondered that you will find and get awesome friends? Surrounding you when you are a far from your parents? Well, it is happen to me. Thanks god I have met friends that always make me laugh. ISD3E1 is my class. I have been in this class for 3 semesters since I am in part 1. In this class, there are 7 boys and 23 girls. All my friends come from different place and all of them have different characters and style.

Qayyum. In class, he can be categorized as a stylish person. From his style, he looks like comes from a loaded family. He always comes late to class.

Mabad @ Ersyad. Peviously, Ersyad is our class rap during part 1. However, this semester, he is known as vice-president of IMS society. He is like chips more because he often came to class.

Hulk @ Hazriq is a very sporting and matured. In his mind, he always thinks about business. He also can handle the problem in our class. However, he often disappeared. Maybe he is busy in his business. Furthermore, he became JPK (Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej) in this semester.

Zul_jin. He was project leader for our final project. He was very funny. He also has an advantage where he can make a dance style "sotong”. His face likes a Chinese person as Nabiha. When two of them sit together, they look like siblings. Although he is a funny, his characters change when he became project leader for our final project.

Next is Arif or known as Tutu. Tutu is our assistant class rap. He is a serious person. This semester, he is quite busy. This is because, he is one of the exco in our society. The best thing about his is he good in editing picture and creative. He looks like a discipline person. Tutu and zul is very close. Everywhere they go, they will be together.

Faizul @ perot. He is a funny person. He and Hazriq are come from the same place; Gombak. I still remembered that during part 2, our sir bel call them “Gombak brothers". Perot is very sporting person. He always helps us in getting cop for activities that held in uitm.

Last boy in my class is Naqib. He is a funny person because he always makes a joke in class. Sometimes he laughs to loud until other class mad him. But he has a cute smile. In silence, he is clever boy.

Let move to girls in my class. Let start with Mira, the prettiest girl in my class. She is kind person and not easy too get mad. I am comfortable with her because she is soft spoken and will listen what people say. She always with her best friends; Iqa, Wawa, and Afie.

Iqa is the clever girl in our class. She easy to ketchup what lecturers teach. She has big eyes and her eyes sometimes show like she is arrogant. I think people that did not know her well, will said that she is arrogant person. Actually she is okay and nice person.

Hazwani @ Wawa and Fatin @ Afie. They are silence person. They did not talk too much in class but they are nice and kind to all of us. Two of them are very hardworking person in our class.

Anisahwati @ ponti. The cute class representative in our class. I love her so much. She is the best and very supportive. She love to laugh and her laugh makes all of us happy. She is different with other girls because she have something specials that I do not know how to describe it. I close with her since part 1.

Asmah @ Acu. She always makes me smile. She looks like aggressive girl, but the true is she is very soft person and matured. She is good in giving advice and opinion. She also clever and can speak English well. I really respect her.

Bieha is like sister to me. She is good in debate and can perform well in that competition. She always confident in do anything.

Fieyza is a ‘sempoi’ girl in our class. When I saw and chat with her, her face always smile likes she has no problems.

Siti Noor Aishah @ Sha is come from Kedah. She also has a soft skin.
Sometimes she talk in her slang that makes our class did not understand what she is talking about. But in the same times, we learn Kedah slang. She always with Nadhirah and Nuswatun.

Nuswatun. This semester Nus become a one of the JPK in sector B. she is quite busy this semester, but she still can help others in class. She also is a good listener in listen others problems.

Nadhirah is silence girls in my class. She did not talk too much in class but it is not means that she is arrogant. When you start talk with her, you will know her.

Zaharah or Zara. She is one of the members of herbalife. She has a good voice when a presentation and she brave in talk in front of others do. She is closed with iza, diyana and ain.

Diana or sometimes I will call her Dayan. She has a unique hair. Some of us call her ‘Beyonce’. She is goods in speaking because she always speaking at her home with her family and friends.

Iza and Ain are lives in same rooms. So they start closed this semester. They like sister and younger sister when walk together.

Shiera and fashiehah are very close. They start closed since part 2. Both of them like to wear shawls. They look pretty when they wear shawls.

Ku nurazila or known as ‘Kuchek’ have a cute face. Sometimes she likes chips more. She always with Mia, her best friend. Mia is a friendly person. She always smile to others.

Pinas and Siti are best friends. They like siblings because they are closed since in part 1. They are very hard working and struggle in study.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Everyone have dreams. What is so special about dreams? Dreams can make some one become stronger to live and to carry on their life.

I have a dream. I do not know if my dream is sound stupid to all of you but for me, I will make my dreams become real and I want to prove to all that I can achieve my dream and I want a person who despise me and my family will respect us. I will prove that. Wait and see. That day will arrive soon.

First of all, I want make a business that I interested so much. This business I was thinking since in secondary school, but because of some reason, I do not continue my studies in this field. However, it is okay for me. This is a challenge for me. I will use any chance to learn about business. That is why I am taking entrepreneurship as my co-curriculum. I think all of you are wondering what kind of business that I will do right? Until now, I am still with my old plan. I want to design t-shirts, other than that is I also will include a collection of earrings, bangles, and couple key chain. It is like a boutique. But it is not a boutique. This shop is like additional accessory who like fashions and style. I also will design couple t-shirts according to customer. I am interested to this type of business because nowadays, every couple likes to give something special for their partners. So, I see that the request is top because I have experience in worked at shop that sold this type of accessories. This so enjoying when I got a chance to work there.

After I success, I want to buy a big house. I always think of this. This is because, I want to make my parents comfort. I do not want their old time still in difficult life. I want to take cares my parents and give the best for them. I want them happy. I also not allowed them to do hard work. I want them enjoy their rest. For me, they are much more working hard in take care of me. I still can imagine how difficult my father goes to sea to get some income for my family. He goes to the sea without scared of big wave, with a weather that I cannot expect. Just only for my family. I love you so much dad, thank you for giving me a good life. I will promise to you that I will make you proud of me.

I also want to buy a big car. So that I can bring my parents go to any where that they want. I want to spend my time with them. I can remember that when I am six years old, my father send me to school by bicycle. I am not ashamed with that. I love that moment. At that time, I know, my family was not loaded family, so there is nothing to ashamed of. Although I am not loaded family, my family is the happiest family because my parents love us so much. They will make sure we got enough food and got a perfect life.

Last but not least is I want help poor people. Experience makes me learn a lot about life. Without experience, I can not stand by my own here, at Segamat. I can not be an independence girl, I will not learn what is mean by “kesusahan”. I want they feel real life. I can not see poor people conditions. I will cry. Sad because their life is more suffer from me. God, thanks for giving me a good life.

What can I say, to all of you that have perfect life, please appreciate with what you have. Do not regret at the last. I hope my dreams will become true, and do pray for me so that I will give my best for my family, especially my parents.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Memories of Ramadan.

Every year, Ramadan is the month that everyone waiting for. This is because after Ramadan, we will celebrate "Hari Raya Aidilfitri". This year, I am celebrates my Ramadan at campus. Last two year, I celebrate at my home. Definitely different celebrate Ramadan at home and at campus. This is because, at home, there will be someone that will wake me up; my family. For sure, there are much more sweet memories of the past Ramadan.

First of all, normally, we will go to the bazaar. There will be miscellaneous "kuih muih", "lauk pauk" that sold there. Normally, I will go there with my father and my sister. This is the best part because my father will ask me what am I going to eat and what kind of food that I want. Of course, the first things that I want to buy are my favorite foods; "laksa Johor", and "kuih seri muka". After that, when we arrive at home, I will help my mother to serve the food for us and complete certain cooking that not finish yet. When we heard "azan", all of us started with eating kurma" and "kuih". These is because, we are encouraged to eat something sweet according to our prophet, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, that what we call "sunnah". After finished our food, my family and I will prepare to go to the mosque, for "terawih". After back from "terawih", my sister, my brother and I will play fireworks and firecrackers. This is the excited part because we will feel like "raya" just only left two days, but the truth is, we just in second day of fasting. I can still remember that I had been scolded from my parents because I am so stubborn. They advice me to not play firecrackers because it is so dangerous and can hurt myself.

I can still remember, when I am child, I will fasting not enough in one month. There will be one or two days that I will skip from fasting. This is because, I feel very hungry and cannot wait until "azan". Normally, if I want to eat, I will hide from the others and eat at the kitchen or my rooms. So nobody will know and everybody will assume that I am fasting that day, just like others. The best experience is when I am 5 years old, my father said that, if I can complete or fasting in one month without miss one day, I will get RM50. That is big value for me. So, that year, I am promised to myself to fast complete one month. I want that money. With that money, I can buy anything that I want. "Alhamdulillah", I can finish completely my fasting without missing one day. During fasting that year, l learn many things; I learn how to control myself from eat, how to be a good son, and the special about Ramadan. That year teach me to be more matured, patient, and thinking person. Year by years, I can be more matured in doing anything.

In Ramadan, we will see everybody busy in celebrating "raya" that will come. The busiest people is absolutely me. This is because, I will choose my new "baju raya". I also help my mother makes cookies. I loves in doing this because, every single cookies that I make, I will eat one. The first person that taste the cookies is me. That is why my mother do not want me to help her.

This year, there will no more rewards if I can finished my fasting. This is because I am 19 years old. I just enjoying fasting with my friends at campus. It is my sister turn, so let her get what I had got and I hope she also can learn something in this month.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My roommates

This semester I am living at new room. I also get a new roommate. My roommate is a junior. Not same as the last semester. Last semester I am a junior while my roommate is a senior. Two semesters I am with her, so I have comfortable with her. But she has graduate. I call her "Kak Zana". Now, everything is new. So I must accept whoever my roommates.

Now, I would like to describe a little bit about my roommates. Her name is Nurul Khairun binti Fakhruddin. She is 18 years old. She was born on 19 November 1992 at hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru. She lives in Skudai, Johor Bahru. She has four siblings. She is the first and she should shows a good behave to them. She likes to fill her leisure time with listening to radio and watch television. She also likes to shop with her best friends, Lyna and Nana. Sometimes she will help her mother do homework. She will ask her sister to help their mother to clean the house, and do the works together, so their mother can rest at that day. Other than that, she likes to eat Nasi goreng kampung, pizza and Mc Donald’s. Her favorite’s drinks are fresh orange and Milo ice. One day, she wants to be a businesswoman. That is why she takes pre diploma in “perdagangan”. She wants to build a company that will name “Anne Company Sdn. Bhd”. Everybody has their sweet memory and memory that cannot be forgotten, includes my roommates. Her sweet memory is when she goes a vocation with her family. This is a best memory ever that she will never ever forget. Her sad memory is that when the dogs pursue her during walking with her friends. Her favorite’s colors are black, pink and red.

At the first day I enter my rooms, Anne introduce herself and just only want me to call her Anne. She is such a kind person, and respects me as a roommates and a senior. She also helps me clean my rooms when I have a lot of assignment to do. Normally, weekend she will help me in clean our rooms to make sure our rooms in comfort condition. So that our rooms always in a comfort condition. I also see that she is hardworking person. She always does some mathematics exercise at rooms while listen to radio. She said that she must be a hardworking person to success in study. She do not want her mother sad if she fail in study. She wants to achieve success with flying colours.

I hope that my roommates will success in their study and can learn to be independent to survive for this semester.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Being a senior

New semester begins, with new intention, inspiration and situation but still with the same place. Semester by semester will be a little bit change, for every body, including me. This semester, I am part 3 students, in semester 3. It makes me a little bit being a senior. This is because, in this semester, I have junior who are pre-diploma, part 1 and part 2 students. Being a senior have some interesting part which is we are not compulsory to join every single activities that held from any club, for example, Annual Grand Meeting. It makes me not too tighten with that activity. So that, I can arrange my assignment to do, homework, and time to study to make sure I spend my time precisely. It also gives me enough time to rest. All the activities are concentrating on part 1 and part 2 students. So that, I just only appreciate every single minutes that I have to complete my assignment and preparing my studies.

Other than that, when being a senior, all juniors, will respect us. At this time, I can see that my juniors will show their respect to me by smiling and saying “Hi akak”. It makes me calm that day, even thought at that time I am not in the right mood. It helps me to reduce my pressure. It reduces my negative feelings to some juniors that rude to their seniors. Once a junior respects seniors, they will get what they pay off. Same with me, if their respect me as a senior, I will respect them back. Shows some respect is not lose anything.

Move to my rooms. In my rooms, I am a senior to my roommates. Means that, I should guide her to do what is the correct one. Do not make it wrong okay. It not means that I am controlling every single thing that she wants to do. I just can not let it go because she is a new student, in new place and new condition. She needs some advice and guidance from me. So, I as a senior must show my responsible to her.

In addition, semester 3 is the best semester because this is the end of the co-curriculum activities. This means that, next semester, I will not have to attend co-curriculum. No activities on Thursday evening and no need to change clothes to go to the co-curriculum activities.

Lastly, being a senior is not the easy one. As a senior, I must show a good attitude to all my juniors; pre-diploma, part 1 and part 2 students. I hope I can be a good senior that can help my juniors in every thing that they ask to me.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A New Semester Begins

My name is Siti Solehah Binti Mohamad. I am studying at UiTM Segamat, Johor. In this semester, I am a part 3 student. I am so excited to continue my study because I am already in part 3. It is mean that it just only 3 semesters left to finish my diploma and grad on time. But I think, although there are only 3 semester left, there are not easy to face situation at the campus. There will be a lot of things that I will face later on, especially with a new lecturer and new style of teaching. I do not know who are the lecturer that are going to teach my class, so I am decided to just wait for the first class on Monday.
This semester there will be 7 subjects that I am going to take. There are IMD 201, IMD 202, IMD 203, IMD 255, BEL, CTU and last but not least is HPD 118. I should give my full commitment.
Other than that, I also face with new environment. I got new room and new roommate but still in the same college; Zamrud. Luckily, my roommate is very kind of person and she also a happy go lucky person. I feel happy because my new room is not too far as last semester, and near from my classmates; Siti Nuraisyah bt Ismail and Nik syaza Syafinas bt Nik Mansor. So, I can join them to the class. The most persons that I want to see of course is my friends, especially my best friends; Anisahwati, Hafizah, Asmah and Nabihah. 2 months is quite bored without my friends besides me.
This semester I want to involve in sports, because I love sports. I also had bought sport shoes to make me comfort when doing sports. I hope this semester I can go to KARISMA for netball although I think this will be a quite challenging. So for this semester, I hope that everything will be okay and my friends and I can success in our study for this semester.

My Subjects

In semester 3, we are taking 7 subjects, which are BEL, IMD 201, IMD 202, IMD 203, IMD 255, CTU and last but not least is HPD 118.

First of all, I will describe a little bit about my first subject. My first subject is BEL 311. BEL 311 is stand for English for Academic Purpose. This subject is 3 credit hours. The total assessment is 100% .There is on-going assessment 60% which includes term paper 30%; outline 5%, first drafts 10%, and final drafts 15%, discussion 20%, attendance, participation and assignment 10%and final exam 40%. My first impression for this subject is this subject will be totally difficult because it is continues for my part 1 and part 2 BEL subject. I am also scared to enter this class be cause I will get a new lecturer. I never meet him. My class only just knows about his name; Sir Mohd Izuan bin Ismail. So I cannot judge someone that I never met before. So I just think positive about him. This is because, to be a good people in live, we must think positive and respect them although we do not know them well. Once we have a good or positive thinking to others, others we do the same things to us. So, I just let it go. Who ever my lecturer BEL, I will give my cooperation to him and try my best to be a good student in his class. In the first class, we are know each other, where is in this part, my BEL lecturer are introducing himself to us and we are asking to write about ourselves into a piece of paper. After that, he is telling us about what are he really does not like during the teaching and learning process. So, as his student, we must be able to follow his rules. But, I think he is a good lecturer. He makes some rules to make sure all of us not only just an educated but also a discipline person. Other than that, he is also a punctual lecturer. This is because every single second for him is precise. If student comes late to the class, he will lock the door and not allows the students that come late to enter the class. I hope at the end of his class, I will get a new strength and encourage to learning English better. I also hope that I can improve my grammar and can apply well English in single minutes of my times.

Second is IMD 201.This subject is Access to Information. It is 3 credit hours for this subject. At first class I do not know anything what are the particular things of this subject. I just only know that the lecturer that is going to teach me is Sir Muhamad Ismail bin Pahmi. My previous lecturer, Sir Ismail is a nice person. He is also a cute lecturer. I think, he will teach us like the past, but I am surprise with the way how he teach us is totally different. He says that he is going to treat us like a degree student. I fell scared and quite nervous. If it is a true, I will leave behind. It is because I am not a clever girl. Sir Ismail also loves to ask question inside the class. That makes me always have butterfly in my stomach. However, I try to fell in love in this subject because if I am not doing that, I will get nothing during my study. I also hope that I can understand this subject well and can give my full attention in the class so that I can get a good result in my final examination.

After that is IMD 202. IMD 202 is referred to the Promotion of Information Products and Services. Credit hour for this subject is 3 and the assessments for this subject are course work 40% and examination 60%. The lecturer that teaches me is Pn. Rashidah binti Mohamed. She is a nice person because she is really cool when teach us. She is also my previous lecturer. So, I know the way how she teaches and what kind of matter that can make her disappointed with us. I also know that this subject is related to the business. We also get a new knowledge and also will learn how to promote products in services. I hope I can try to apply this new knowledge for my own new business, one day, maybe. I also hope it will help me and benefits to us when we grow up.

Next is IMD 203.This subject is teaching by Miss Siti Nuur-Illa bt Mohd Kamal. This subject is about Support Services and PC Maintenance. It is mainly about PC maintenance. What is hardware, how to solve problem about computer or PC. First time she entered to the class, all of them feel scared. But from class after class, we will be able to stay with her for this subject. This subject needs us to give full commitment because this subject is quiet difficult. It includes theory and practical. In addition, for your information, this subject will not have final paper. We just have practical in class. So, if one day i miss her class, I will fell regret because in one day, there are a lot of things that will learn. If I cannot catch up, I will lose. This will affect in practical class. We will have a practical task. I hope that, at the end of this class, I can be more alert with my own laptop and use wisely. I also hope that I can help my friend repair their laptop if there is something wrongs happens to their PC or laptop.

IMD 255. Subject IMD 255 is stand for Technical Support and Services in Information Agencies. The lecturer that in charge this subject is Puan Diana bt Abdul Rahman. She is my new lecturer for this semester and for new subject. This subject is related with my subject in part 1, which is IMD 101. That is what i think at the first class. I am quite true because we are learning something that really related with part 1 subject. My first impression to the lecturer is the lecturer maybe a strict person. But I am wrong because at the first class with her, she is very soft spoken and a good lecturer that understand us. The assessments for this subject are test 10%, Library visit 5%, Quiz 5%, final project 20% and the final examination 60%. I hope I can try my best to give 100% focus in the class so that I can get what are the lecturer are saying.

CTU is stand for Islamic information management. My first impression to him is he is a cool man. Luckily, we got right information. He is sporting and cool. For your information, CTU is stand for Islamic Knowledge Management. This subject is 2 credit hours and the lecturer that teaches us is Ustaz Saidin Wan Ismail. He is a very humble person. The assessments for this subject are On-going assessment 40% and final examination 60%. At the first class, he has mention about this subject. Maybe there is certain thing that difficult to learn, but no need to worry because, to success, we should accept all the things that come to us and try to overcome every single problems or barriers that comes during the lesson. Every body makes a mistakes and every body start from zero. So, no need to feel afraid in study. I hope that I will increase my knowledge about something that I do not know before.

Last but not least is HPD 118; my co curriculum subject. My co is Entrepreneur Work About. I just know that this co is related to the business step. Sir Mohd syukri is my lecturer. He is very best person ever. He is smart, clever, funny, and the best things is he have story to tell us. He has a lot of experience in business. The story that he tell us is comes from his own experience. That is the very best part because he is sharing his story with us. It can make us become more excited to involve in business. We can use this chance to learn something that give benefits to us and learn from him, from the expert one.

I hope that at the end of this semester, i will understand about all what have i learn in this semester. I also hope that i can be a good person that can apply all knowledge that i get from all my lecturers.