Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A New Semester Begins

My name is Siti Solehah Binti Mohamad. I am studying at UiTM Segamat, Johor. In this semester, I am a part 3 student. I am so excited to continue my study because I am already in part 3. It is mean that it just only 3 semesters left to finish my diploma and grad on time. But I think, although there are only 3 semester left, there are not easy to face situation at the campus. There will be a lot of things that I will face later on, especially with a new lecturer and new style of teaching. I do not know who are the lecturer that are going to teach my class, so I am decided to just wait for the first class on Monday.
This semester there will be 7 subjects that I am going to take. There are IMD 201, IMD 202, IMD 203, IMD 255, BEL, CTU and last but not least is HPD 118. I should give my full commitment.
Other than that, I also face with new environment. I got new room and new roommate but still in the same college; Zamrud. Luckily, my roommate is very kind of person and she also a happy go lucky person. I feel happy because my new room is not too far as last semester, and near from my classmates; Siti Nuraisyah bt Ismail and Nik syaza Syafinas bt Nik Mansor. So, I can join them to the class. The most persons that I want to see of course is my friends, especially my best friends; Anisahwati, Hafizah, Asmah and Nabihah. 2 months is quite bored without my friends besides me.
This semester I want to involve in sports, because I love sports. I also had bought sport shoes to make me comfort when doing sports. I hope this semester I can go to KARISMA for netball although I think this will be a quite challenging. So for this semester, I hope that everything will be okay and my friends and I can success in our study for this semester.

My Subjects

In semester 3, we are taking 7 subjects, which are BEL, IMD 201, IMD 202, IMD 203, IMD 255, CTU and last but not least is HPD 118.

First of all, I will describe a little bit about my first subject. My first subject is BEL 311. BEL 311 is stand for English for Academic Purpose. This subject is 3 credit hours. The total assessment is 100% .There is on-going assessment 60% which includes term paper 30%; outline 5%, first drafts 10%, and final drafts 15%, discussion 20%, attendance, participation and assignment 10%and final exam 40%. My first impression for this subject is this subject will be totally difficult because it is continues for my part 1 and part 2 BEL subject. I am also scared to enter this class be cause I will get a new lecturer. I never meet him. My class only just knows about his name; Sir Mohd Izuan bin Ismail. So I cannot judge someone that I never met before. So I just think positive about him. This is because, to be a good people in live, we must think positive and respect them although we do not know them well. Once we have a good or positive thinking to others, others we do the same things to us. So, I just let it go. Who ever my lecturer BEL, I will give my cooperation to him and try my best to be a good student in his class. In the first class, we are know each other, where is in this part, my BEL lecturer are introducing himself to us and we are asking to write about ourselves into a piece of paper. After that, he is telling us about what are he really does not like during the teaching and learning process. So, as his student, we must be able to follow his rules. But, I think he is a good lecturer. He makes some rules to make sure all of us not only just an educated but also a discipline person. Other than that, he is also a punctual lecturer. This is because every single second for him is precise. If student comes late to the class, he will lock the door and not allows the students that come late to enter the class. I hope at the end of his class, I will get a new strength and encourage to learning English better. I also hope that I can improve my grammar and can apply well English in single minutes of my times.

Second is IMD 201.This subject is Access to Information. It is 3 credit hours for this subject. At first class I do not know anything what are the particular things of this subject. I just only know that the lecturer that is going to teach me is Sir Muhamad Ismail bin Pahmi. My previous lecturer, Sir Ismail is a nice person. He is also a cute lecturer. I think, he will teach us like the past, but I am surprise with the way how he teach us is totally different. He says that he is going to treat us like a degree student. I fell scared and quite nervous. If it is a true, I will leave behind. It is because I am not a clever girl. Sir Ismail also loves to ask question inside the class. That makes me always have butterfly in my stomach. However, I try to fell in love in this subject because if I am not doing that, I will get nothing during my study. I also hope that I can understand this subject well and can give my full attention in the class so that I can get a good result in my final examination.

After that is IMD 202. IMD 202 is referred to the Promotion of Information Products and Services. Credit hour for this subject is 3 and the assessments for this subject are course work 40% and examination 60%. The lecturer that teaches me is Pn. Rashidah binti Mohamed. She is a nice person because she is really cool when teach us. She is also my previous lecturer. So, I know the way how she teaches and what kind of matter that can make her disappointed with us. I also know that this subject is related to the business. We also get a new knowledge and also will learn how to promote products in services. I hope I can try to apply this new knowledge for my own new business, one day, maybe. I also hope it will help me and benefits to us when we grow up.

Next is IMD 203.This subject is teaching by Miss Siti Nuur-Illa bt Mohd Kamal. This subject is about Support Services and PC Maintenance. It is mainly about PC maintenance. What is hardware, how to solve problem about computer or PC. First time she entered to the class, all of them feel scared. But from class after class, we will be able to stay with her for this subject. This subject needs us to give full commitment because this subject is quiet difficult. It includes theory and practical. In addition, for your information, this subject will not have final paper. We just have practical in class. So, if one day i miss her class, I will fell regret because in one day, there are a lot of things that will learn. If I cannot catch up, I will lose. This will affect in practical class. We will have a practical task. I hope that, at the end of this class, I can be more alert with my own laptop and use wisely. I also hope that I can help my friend repair their laptop if there is something wrongs happens to their PC or laptop.

IMD 255. Subject IMD 255 is stand for Technical Support and Services in Information Agencies. The lecturer that in charge this subject is Puan Diana bt Abdul Rahman. She is my new lecturer for this semester and for new subject. This subject is related with my subject in part 1, which is IMD 101. That is what i think at the first class. I am quite true because we are learning something that really related with part 1 subject. My first impression to the lecturer is the lecturer maybe a strict person. But I am wrong because at the first class with her, she is very soft spoken and a good lecturer that understand us. The assessments for this subject are test 10%, Library visit 5%, Quiz 5%, final project 20% and the final examination 60%. I hope I can try my best to give 100% focus in the class so that I can get what are the lecturer are saying.

CTU is stand for Islamic information management. My first impression to him is he is a cool man. Luckily, we got right information. He is sporting and cool. For your information, CTU is stand for Islamic Knowledge Management. This subject is 2 credit hours and the lecturer that teaches us is Ustaz Saidin Wan Ismail. He is a very humble person. The assessments for this subject are On-going assessment 40% and final examination 60%. At the first class, he has mention about this subject. Maybe there is certain thing that difficult to learn, but no need to worry because, to success, we should accept all the things that come to us and try to overcome every single problems or barriers that comes during the lesson. Every body makes a mistakes and every body start from zero. So, no need to feel afraid in study. I hope that I will increase my knowledge about something that I do not know before.

Last but not least is HPD 118; my co curriculum subject. My co is Entrepreneur Work About. I just know that this co is related to the business step. Sir Mohd syukri is my lecturer. He is very best person ever. He is smart, clever, funny, and the best things is he have story to tell us. He has a lot of experience in business. The story that he tell us is comes from his own experience. That is the very best part because he is sharing his story with us. It can make us become more excited to involve in business. We can use this chance to learn something that give benefits to us and learn from him, from the expert one.

I hope that at the end of this semester, i will understand about all what have i learn in this semester. I also hope that i can be a good person that can apply all knowledge that i get from all my lecturers.