Sunday, September 26, 2010

10 facts about me

Hello everyone! How are you today? Long time I am not writing on this space. Today I will tell you about 10 facts about me. It is very difficult to share because I actually do not know what the 10 facts about me that are not everyone knows about me. Here I will describe a little bit facts about me:

1. First of all, I think most of you think that I am not a shy person but the true is yes I am. I am shy with people that I did not know, even that person is member of my friends. I also shy with my classmates although we have been together until this semester. I do not know why but that is me.

2. Next is I am love to see beautiful things and big house.. This is because living in a big house is my dreams. This dream makes me want to study and success in my study.

3. Other than that is I am very sensitive person. I cannot watch television programmed that have sad part. I will cry, even that part is not too sad. I cannot see people cry because I will cry without my control.

4. In addition, I am a person that easy feels bored with something or someone. That is why sometimes I will alone, far with others. It makes me thinking of something and I feel free from anything.

5. Cry. For me, crying is the best ways to release tension. If I feel stress and tension with something that is really distribute my emotion, I will cry. After that, I will feel zero. No more tensions and no more stress. Sometimes I also type what happen in my laptop for my diary.

6. I try to change myself to the better one. Knowing a lot of people adding my knowledge. Very meaningful knowledge. Sometimes when we have problems, in sad, we know who is the person that will accompany and besides us. Experience teaches me a lot of things and I am still learning to be a useful and grateful person.

7. Hot tempered. Did you know that actually I am a hot tempered person? I think you not know. At home, I always mad my younger sister even though it just a small matter. I do not know why. Sometimes, I will make her cry, and when she cries, I will so sad and I will cry too but in my rooms. Deep in my heart, I mad her because I want her to success and not just depends to other people. I love her so much.

8. I not know how to choose a perfume, and I do not think that wearing perfumes is a necessary. I think it just waste money. I just wear Lovillea Gelly Cologne and it is enough I think. The price also cheaper than other perfumes because it below than RM10. I just wear it when I want, if not, I just leave it. That is why it did not easily finish. I can keep it for a long time and did not have to buy another.

9. I like business very much. I like this field since me in primary school. I have a dream to have my own business. In holidays, I have work at “Kilang Keropok Sri Mersing” at my hometown. Here, I have met many people that involved in business and become success. I also learn about business and how to handle customer. When I work, I got money. This is the best part because I can give this money to my parents and buy some groceries.

10. I love sports very much. Sports make me feel fresh and healthy. I start join sports since in primary school because all my brothers are active in sports. In secondary school everyone recognize me because I got number one in cross country. After that I start represent the school and district championships in cross country. I also have become captain in my netball teams when I in form five. I love sports because I can go any place in Johor and got new friends from difference place. Here at UiTM I also join netball training every evening but because of a lot of assignment and work that I must do, I leave it for a while. I hope I can join Karisma this semester but it depends on my commitment to attend the training every day.

My classmates

Have you ever wondered that you will find and get awesome friends? Surrounding you when you are a far from your parents? Well, it is happen to me. Thanks god I have met friends that always make me laugh. ISD3E1 is my class. I have been in this class for 3 semesters since I am in part 1. In this class, there are 7 boys and 23 girls. All my friends come from different place and all of them have different characters and style.

Qayyum. In class, he can be categorized as a stylish person. From his style, he looks like comes from a loaded family. He always comes late to class.

Mabad @ Ersyad. Peviously, Ersyad is our class rap during part 1. However, this semester, he is known as vice-president of IMS society. He is like chips more because he often came to class.

Hulk @ Hazriq is a very sporting and matured. In his mind, he always thinks about business. He also can handle the problem in our class. However, he often disappeared. Maybe he is busy in his business. Furthermore, he became JPK (Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej) in this semester.

Zul_jin. He was project leader for our final project. He was very funny. He also has an advantage where he can make a dance style "sotong”. His face likes a Chinese person as Nabiha. When two of them sit together, they look like siblings. Although he is a funny, his characters change when he became project leader for our final project.

Next is Arif or known as Tutu. Tutu is our assistant class rap. He is a serious person. This semester, he is quite busy. This is because, he is one of the exco in our society. The best thing about his is he good in editing picture and creative. He looks like a discipline person. Tutu and zul is very close. Everywhere they go, they will be together.

Faizul @ perot. He is a funny person. He and Hazriq are come from the same place; Gombak. I still remembered that during part 2, our sir bel call them “Gombak brothers". Perot is very sporting person. He always helps us in getting cop for activities that held in uitm.

Last boy in my class is Naqib. He is a funny person because he always makes a joke in class. Sometimes he laughs to loud until other class mad him. But he has a cute smile. In silence, he is clever boy.

Let move to girls in my class. Let start with Mira, the prettiest girl in my class. She is kind person and not easy too get mad. I am comfortable with her because she is soft spoken and will listen what people say. She always with her best friends; Iqa, Wawa, and Afie.

Iqa is the clever girl in our class. She easy to ketchup what lecturers teach. She has big eyes and her eyes sometimes show like she is arrogant. I think people that did not know her well, will said that she is arrogant person. Actually she is okay and nice person.

Hazwani @ Wawa and Fatin @ Afie. They are silence person. They did not talk too much in class but they are nice and kind to all of us. Two of them are very hardworking person in our class.

Anisahwati @ ponti. The cute class representative in our class. I love her so much. She is the best and very supportive. She love to laugh and her laugh makes all of us happy. She is different with other girls because she have something specials that I do not know how to describe it. I close with her since part 1.

Asmah @ Acu. She always makes me smile. She looks like aggressive girl, but the true is she is very soft person and matured. She is good in giving advice and opinion. She also clever and can speak English well. I really respect her.

Bieha is like sister to me. She is good in debate and can perform well in that competition. She always confident in do anything.

Fieyza is a ‘sempoi’ girl in our class. When I saw and chat with her, her face always smile likes she has no problems.

Siti Noor Aishah @ Sha is come from Kedah. She also has a soft skin.
Sometimes she talk in her slang that makes our class did not understand what she is talking about. But in the same times, we learn Kedah slang. She always with Nadhirah and Nuswatun.

Nuswatun. This semester Nus become a one of the JPK in sector B. she is quite busy this semester, but she still can help others in class. She also is a good listener in listen others problems.

Nadhirah is silence girls in my class. She did not talk too much in class but it is not means that she is arrogant. When you start talk with her, you will know her.

Zaharah or Zara. She is one of the members of herbalife. She has a good voice when a presentation and she brave in talk in front of others do. She is closed with iza, diyana and ain.

Diana or sometimes I will call her Dayan. She has a unique hair. Some of us call her ‘Beyonce’. She is goods in speaking because she always speaking at her home with her family and friends.

Iza and Ain are lives in same rooms. So they start closed this semester. They like sister and younger sister when walk together.

Shiera and fashiehah are very close. They start closed since part 2. Both of them like to wear shawls. They look pretty when they wear shawls.

Ku nurazila or known as ‘Kuchek’ have a cute face. Sometimes she likes chips more. She always with Mia, her best friend. Mia is a friendly person. She always smile to others.

Pinas and Siti are best friends. They like siblings because they are closed since in part 1. They are very hard working and struggle in study.