Sunday, October 3, 2010

10 things that i hate most

1) I do not like beetles. I will scream if the beetles alight on my clothes. Normally my brother likes to tease me with the beetles. When I know he wants to do so, I would run away from him.

2) I do not like wasting time. I do not like to fill my time without making anything. For me, time is precious. If I get bored, I will do everything, but I would feel very guilty for not filling the time with things that are worthwhile and let it go away.

3) I do not like bright color. This is because striking color just only can attract people to see us. I do not like to be the people's attention because people will always deal with us either good or bad.

4) Food. I do not like wasting food. If I buy some food, I will try to finish it. This is because, for me, food is money. We buy food with our money. If we did not finish the food it just like we are throwing our money away.

5) I do not like the noise situation. The noise situation is only made me into fiber and tension. So, sometimes I would look for a quiet evening star can get some rest for my brain.

6) I also do not like people who like to run amok without any reason. If he has a problem, he should not let his anger to others.

7) I do not like flying cockroaches. It makes me scare and have very foul smell. I have been scolded from my mom because screamed when the cockroach are flying towards me.

8) Take my things without permission. I would be angry if anyone takes my stuff without my permission. I will try to keep my things properly. However, if there are others who harass or take, use and not keeping well, I would be angry and will not talk to them until my mood is okay.

9) I do not like to wait. When someone had promised with me, he or she must come at the right time because time is very important to me. Every moment is precious.

10) I do not like being forced. When I have been forced, all my work can not be settle completely.

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